About the Series


(Nico Vassilakis)

(Andrew Prendergast)

Breadline is an extension of what humans do naturally: communicate. There is a relationship between the performer and the audience. Breadline allows this relationship to flourish. Everyone is audience. Everyone is performer. Breadline is an evening of communication, an evening where barriers are broken down into an exchange of information. This process is fluid, accessible, and memorable. It is challenging. It is beautiful. Breadline as a performance series hopes to engage those living in the Seattle area with high quality art of different mediums. Breadline provides music, the spoken word, and visual modes. Breadline allows for technological experimentation. Breadline is constantly shaping, shifting, and evolving to meet any demands it establishes.” – Greg Bem

brɛdˌlaɪn (n) – 1. a queue of people waiting for free food given out by a government agency or a charity organization. 2. referring to a state of impoverished living (i.e. at subsistence level). NEW. a tri-curated monthly performance series on Capitol Hill in Seattle that ambitiously attempts to create provocative, meaningful dialogue between poets, prose writers, musicians, and visual/video artists every third Wednesday from 7-10pm at the Vermillion art gallery / wine bar. bread is life. so is performance. we nourish the artistic hunger, satisfy the craving for an engaging aesthetics. artists tend to be broke; we ask only for donations.” – Alex Bleecker

* The Breadline Performance Series is in no way affiliated with the Breadline Press, also located in the Northwestern United States.

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