Upcoming Seattle Arts Events

We love to push new events onto folks and there are a lot of them coming up soon. Like within the next week soon! Check out all of the Seattle lit and performane events below!

  1. Da’daedal. Tonight, Thursday 7/18/13 from 9pm-12am at Highline. Free (or cheap). Features Rauan Klassnik, Lydia Swartz, Evan J. Peterson, Tony James, Chelsea Kurnick, Nicholas Schwarzenberger, Amy Gibson, and Raanan David.
  2. Wandering and Wondering. Saturday 7/20/13 from 12-2pm at the Kubota Garden. Free. Features 8 dancers and 5 musicians.
  3. Glossophonic Showcase. Sunday 7/21/13 from 6-8pm sharp at Hollow Earth Radio. Hosted by Babel Salvage Press. Suggested $3-5 donation. Features Erin Virginia, Ambrosia Bartosek, Arlene Kim, Donald Dunbar, Joe Milutis, and an interview with Ryan A. Johnson.
  4. The Casserole. Sunday 7/21/13 from 6:30-7:30pm sharp via Google+ Hangout. Go to the Casserole Google+ page when it’s closer to Sunday for more information.
  5. Columbia City Writers Circle. Monday 7/22/13 from 7-9pm at Empire Espresso. Bring your own work to share and ideas to discuss. All types of writing accepted.
  6. Allergic to Cats: a Feminist Poetry Reading. Wednesday 7/24/13 from 7-9pm at Black Coffee Coop. Organized and hosted by Jocelyn Teal MacDonald. Free but there will be zines for sale and a silent auction. Features Claire McGuinness, Laura Wachs, and Anastacia Tolbert.

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