July 2013 Breadline Audio


Jarret Middleton:


Chelsea Kurnick:

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Upcoming Seattle Arts Events

We love to push new events onto folks and there are a lot of them coming up soon. Like within the next week soon! Check out all of the Seattle lit and performane events below!

  1. Da’daedal. Tonight, Thursday 7/18/13 from 9pm-12am at Highline. Free (or cheap). Features Rauan Klassnik, Lydia Swartz, Evan J. Peterson, Tony James, Chelsea Kurnick, Nicholas Schwarzenberger, Amy Gibson, and Raanan David.
  2. Wandering and Wondering. Saturday 7/20/13 from 12-2pm at the Kubota Garden. Free. Features 8 dancers and 5 musicians.
  3. Glossophonic Showcase. Sunday 7/21/13 from 6-8pm sharp at Hollow Earth Radio. Hosted by Babel Salvage Press. Suggested $3-5 donation. Features Erin Virginia, Ambrosia Bartosek, Arlene Kim, Donald Dunbar, Joe Milutis, and an interview with Ryan A. Johnson.
  4. The Casserole. Sunday 7/21/13 from 6:30-7:30pm sharp via Google+ Hangout. Go to the Casserole Google+ page when it’s closer to Sunday for more information.
  5. Columbia City Writers Circle. Monday 7/22/13 from 7-9pm at Empire Espresso. Bring your own work to share and ideas to discuss. All types of writing accepted.
  6. Allergic to Cats: a Feminist Poetry Reading. Wednesday 7/24/13 from 7-9pm at Black Coffee Coop. Organized and hosted by Jocelyn Teal MacDonald. Free but there will be zines for sale and a silent auction. Features Claire McGuinness, Laura Wachs, and Anastacia Tolbert.

Wonder and Risk Covers Breadline

Thanks to Tom Mohrman for writing up a nice recap of last night’s Breadline. He said things like:

Breadline has all the earmarks of a good poetry reading. Close quarters, unique setting, alcohol. It’s clear there were people in attendance who have been there for all three years of the show’s run. Churchy. This felt like church, as all sports events and poetry readings should. I mean, there was an offering. Take all the best trappings, I say, and remix.

The “churchy” atmosphere is as anti-church as it gets. Take the Unitarian ultra tolerance and apply to aesthetics, and maybe you’ll get Breadline. Or maybe not. What do you think? Regardless, Breadline’s an equal-opportunity experience-maker!

Mysticism as Information Design: Before Breadline on Wednesday!

There’s an exciting opportunity for you art and idea lovers happening this Wednesday before Breadline. Check out the full details from previous Breadline feature and UW Bothell professor Joe Milutis:

This Weds at noon, I’ll be giving a tour and talk of the Paul Laffoley
exhibit at the Henry:


It’s a more casual talk than the gesamptskunstwerk I did the last time at
the Henry (see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyUBZn8of9Q and here
http://archive.org/details/artistwritercollaborations) however I don’t often
get a chance to talk about issues related to my Ether book.  So we’ll go
deep, while still casual.  And there’s a lot to go into–we’ll probably just
scratch the surface of a few of the dense cryptic information in these
paintings, but hopefully they will let us stay as long as we want to discuss
and Q & A, etc.  Here is the official description:

Drawing from sources in alchemy, Theosophy and contemporary art, Joe
Milutis, Assistant Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and
Sciences at UW Bothell will guide visitors through “Paul Laffoley:
Premonitions of the Bauharoque.” He will situate Laffoley¹s work in the
context of the long tradition of the mystic diagram, a visual trope that may
tell us as much, if not more, about the history of design than the
imponderabilia it attempts to grasp.