Meet Your June 2013 Breadline Feature: Wizdumb the Wax Molesta

1. June is often considered a seasonally transitional high point. How do you plan on making and/or recognizing the month of June as a space of transition for yourself and your art?

I will be moving to the city hopefully by the end of the month, and will be able to work on music alongside my property management and bartending jobs. Lots of new vinyl to sample!!!

2. How much wood can you chuck?

Depends who or what I’m chucking the wood at…if it was Anne Coulter and Bill O-Reilly i would chuck a few cords of nice hard apple wood at them….

3. When you think of “summer,” what inspiration arrives?

Bicycle riding, and dem yung asada tacos son son!!! Seattle in the summer is short, so during the supposed summer weeks that are almost always crummy rainy days, it screams creativity, lots of time in my studio making beats.

4. The poet faces the god and has one thing to say. What is it?

Have you ever broke a puerto rican dudes arm for sweat pants money?

5. If you have been to the summit of Mt. Rainier, what words did you speak on it? And if you have not but imagine being there, what words would you speak on it?

I have hiked 8 miles up mt. rainier before. I remember having a rock in my shoe the whole time, and for some reason I didn’t stop to remove it, I just continually complained about it saying something like, “There’s a rock in my boot. I wonder if we will find D.B Coopers fortune? Hey also, if we find Bigfoot, I’m gonna ask him if he would be would accept my cliff bars for a lift back down this cold ass rock.

6. There is the tactile window. There is the digital screen window. What is the next window?

The window Ted Danson’s secret to his unlimited white hair folicles……the truth will be exposed.

7. What is your favorite bird? What is your favorite bird to eat?

Pigeons, seriously…..they are aliens……think about it…..have you ever seen a dead pigeon? and even stranger……have you ever seen a baby pigeon? ME EITHER!!! Also I like to eat the duck lunch special at Kau Kau in chinatown.

8. Tell us about your favorite road trip in America.

Drove from Arizona to Seattle with my pops in a moving truck full of tikis, we hit the canned granyon, if was perfect because i love my granyon canned!! We also checked out canyonlands, monument valley, arches, sedona, all very beautiful places. We hit every thrift shop, antique store/mall, and record shop along the way. It was a good time. Plenty of beer was consumed as well.

9. How will we know it is you the night of Breadline?

I will be bartending for all guys, and wont need your dingus drink tickets!!

10. Give us a link to something on the Internet we should explore, investigate, or abandon.


1/2 of G.Wiz & 1/3 of the Smoking Agents. Wizdumb is an all around hip hop producer/mc/dj hailing from Seattle WA. He has gained notoriety for his works with mcs from all around the world. Having toured the west coast twice, and even hit the east coast, he has made his mark in the game. He has been compared to producers such as madlib, Showbiz, Pete Rock, by AV of StateCap in an article online.

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