Meet Your June 2013 Breadline Feature: Christine Deavel

1. June is often considered a seasonally transitional high point. How do you plan on making and/or recognizing the month of June as a space of transition for yourself and your art?

By unplanning.

2. How much wood can you chuck?

The same amount as the number of seashells I sell by the seashore.

3. When you think of “summer,” what inspiration arrives?

Day lilies and day-length loveliness.

4. The poet faces the god and has one thing to say. What is it?’


5. If you have been to the summit of Mt. Rainier, what words did you speak on it? And if you have not but imagine being there, what words would you speak on it?

I would rather listen.

6. There is the tactile window. There is the digital screen window. What is the next window?

The little circle I make when my fingers touch my thumb.

7. What is your favorite bird? What is your favorite bird to eat?

I love them all, but the robin has my heart. I don’t eat birds, but I’d be glad if, once I’m gone, they ate me.

8. Tell us about your favorite road trip in America.

When I’m walking, I’m glad. Where doesn’t matter so much.

9. How will we know it is you the night of Breadline?

I’m an old flower.

10. Give us a link to something on the Internet we should explore, investigate, or abandon.


Christine Deavel is co-owner of Open Books, Seattle’s poetry-only bookstore. Her poetry collection “Woodnote” was published by Bear Star Press and received the 2012 Washington State Book Award. She was born in Indiana, educated in Indiana and Iowa, and has lived in Seattle since 1986.

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