Meet Your May 2013 Breadline Feature: James Nolan

1. Describe how poetry is poetry to you.

Emancipatory and absurd

2. Describe how you are to you.

Skeptical at best

3. When someone says “The Merry Merry Month of May,” what exactly do you think about?

Santa Clause/Willie Wonka on binger

4. Describe your childhood relationship with breakfast cereals.

Said relationship forced me to seal my Juvenile Criminal Record

5. Largest influences who may or may not be writers?

David Bowie

6. Your neighborhood in Seattle.

Gentrification Ground Zero 2k13

7. Your location of childhood.


8. Your favorite space on Earth.


9. Compose a line of poetry for this questionnaire.

Inquire Within.

10. Tell the world what it can expect to you at Breadline on May 15th.


james nolan poet

Check out the latest chapbook by James Nolan here. Learn more about his art collective here. And be sure to read his Declaration of Intent (Co-Authored with Nick(le)-Need Steederson):

– to inspire and empower the voice which drives the creative act
– to share experiences and quasi-experiences such as dreams, nightmares, visions, hallucinations, aspirations and delusions, and learn to develop them off and on the page as well as in collaboration with each-other and with a diversity of media
– to compel fellow artists to engage to integrate this activism from the beauty, tragedy and absurdity of the world into art
– to make art from nothing, to make nothing of art
– to swim upstream against mechanized currents and lethargic complacency, haunted by both the senses and the undefinable derangement of an emotive consciousness
– to help foster a sensitivity to language by surrendering to its limitations while permeating its boundaries
– to reflect, from street to cosmology, from scholarly to the vulgar
– to expose a panoply of existential points of departure/arrival such as identities, socioeconomic statutes, sexualities, genders, classes in such a manner that these finite points of departure and arrival no longer hold empirical meaning
– to reignite an appreciation, to the most zealous degree, for Black Sabbath
– to strive to keep it fucking real

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