Meet Your May 2013 Breadline Feature: Ra’anan David

1. Describe how poetry is poetry to you.

Poetry is a wonderful tool to deal with life, its joys as well as challenges. People should always aim to convey their idea/story in this somewhat-sophisticated pseudo-artistic manner.

2. Describe how you are to you.

I have finally made peace with myself few years ago. Surprisingly enough it was also the time that I started writing again after so many years of absence.

3. When someone says “The Merry Merry Month of May,” what exactly do you think about?

“It’s may be only May, but summer may be just around the corner.

4. Describe your childhood relationship with breakfast cereals.

When I grew up in Israel nobody knew what “cereals” means, let alone cared for this specific type of cattle feed. Needless to say, I’m forever grateful.

5. Largest influences who may or may not be writers?

Frank Zappa was one eclectic, non-compromising artist that often got in trouble because of it. I agree that some of his stuff can be classified as “problematic”, but the vast majority of it is really great. I also like the way he used to interact with the audience and being able to improvise on the spot.

6. Your neighborhood in Seattle.

Columbia City, for the past 24 years.

7. Your location of childhood.

A kibbutz in northern Israel.

8. Your favorite space on Earth.

Tel-Aviv beach

9. Compose a line of poetry for this questionnaire.

Not the government/ human nature/ curiosity/ the “others”/ this questionnaire/ if you don’t. Believe! Me!!!

10. Tell the world what it can expect to you at Breadline on May 15th.

I plan on reading slightly more “mature” pieces than I usually do, and will also make a serious attempt to behave. If all goes as planned then I will incorporate videos, light, and additional sound in most of them. Luckily there are three other featured readers so I’m sure you will at least enjoy their work.

Raanan David Seattle

Ra’anan David became a serial late bloomer since his early days growing up in a small place in Israel. He was the first boy in his class to be allowed to use a pen due to his very few spelling errors, but the last one to learn how to ride a bike. It is also widely believed that he was the second to last in the entire class to have sex. He used to make rhymes from an early age and always enjoyed writing, but never found the passion and discipline to do so on a regular basis. After studying film in his home country he moved to the US and worked in the food/grocery business until he finally caught up with technology and is now working as a videographer. Less than five years ago, only three days shy of his 50th birthday, Ra’anan attended a “Cheap Wine and Poetry” event during Bumbershoot. He never quit putting his shit on paper ever since, and is extremely eager to share some of it with you tonight.

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