Meet Your May 2013 Breadline Feature: Kris Hall

1. Describe how poetry is poetry to you.

Poetry walks into a bar, orders a drink, and just never shuts up. It’ll tell you its life story, feed you an awkward line from a joke, laugh to itself, yell at you from across the room, punch you naked, steal a handful of your fries and make a remark about your wardrobe. Poetry will vomit in its mouth and kiss you on the cheek, following you home from a distance. But it’s okay, you and poetry are tight.

2. Describe how you are to you.

I am the reason I am always broke, coincidentally, usually drunk. I am not poetry, though… Just a fan.

3. When someone says “The Merry Merry Month of May,” what exactly do you think about?

Macy Gray and her appearance in Spider-Man.

4. Describe your childhood relationship with breakfast cereals.

I tested a box once. Pulled a foot-long hair out of my throat. NO-ONE APPROVED!

5. Largest influences who may or may not be writers?

Gregory Corso, Swamp Thing, boyhood trips to the welfare office.

6. Your neighborhood in Seattle.

Capitol Hill.

7. Your location of childhood.

Everett, WA

8. Your favorite space on Earth.

Google Maps. I can go anywhere.

9. Compose a line of poetry for this questionnaire.

Redact this verse due to squelch

to look at yourself in the morning.

10. Tell the world what it can expect from you at Breadline on May 15th.

Well, I’m big on playing the “awkward” card so that’s a guarantee. Julianna and I are sharing our most recent developments with the ‘emoji poems’. Poems written for a series of random emojis. I also plan on unleashing ‘The Rubaiyat of Ciao!’ – my (ridiculous) poetic epic about a red panda/snub-nosed monkey hybrid and his journey of self-discovery in a post-apocalyptic world. Expect screaming. Expect twitching. Expect everything except for everything that I just told you to expect.


Kris Hall is a writer and curator for Da’daedal and Free Poetry from Seattle, WA. It could be much, much worse.


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