Meet Your May 2013 Breadline Feature: Julianna Buckmiller

1. Describe how poetry is poetry to you.

Poetry is a child of wax.

2. Describe how you are to you.

Awkwardness and a complete lack of hilarity. The child-like size of my feet and hands. Hyperactive synaptic firing. A pre-disposition for loneliness.

3. When someone says “The Merry Merry Month of May,” what exactly do you think about?

Someone that mixed up Christmas with Mother’s Day. This person is most likely a bad person.

4. Describe your childhood relationship with breakfast cereals.


5. Largest influences who may or may not be writers?

Jack Spicer, my third grade teacher that let me play with poetry magnets, John Ashbery, the poetry teacher that everyone hated freshman year of college, the sound of keys clicking, the blinding mockery of a blank page, the flaws in modern medicine, Allen Ginsberg, a premature interest in Human Psychology.

6. Your neighborhood in Seattle.

Capitol Hill.

7. Your location of childhood.

Everett, WA.

8. Your favorite space on Earth.

The space between my comforter and sheets.

9. Compose a line of poetry for this questionnaire.

The moment has vaporized, ensuring the closure of the data pool;
a torn moth’s wing.

10. Tell the world what it can expect from you at Breadline on May 15th.

Awkwardness pulling on your emotional shoe-strings. The premier of the “Emoji Poems” with Kristopher. A collection of short poems from my most recent manuscript that changes titles weekly, but is now working under the title “Sugar Teeth.” Hand-dancing. Shaky legs. Uncomfortable silence. Intangible vocabulary.


Julianna Buckmiller is a Seattle-based poet, photographer and painter. She is a recent graduate in Psychology from UW and is currently teaching kindergarten. She also does not know how to write bios and is less funny than the average person.

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