Meet Your Breadline Feature: Chris Dusterhoff

All answers were taken randomly from 1984 by George Orwell.

1. What was the first book you applied to your writing or creative process?

The strident voices stopped abruptly. The women studied him in hostile silence as he went past.

2. Tell me one thing you’ve cursed in your life as an artist.

The woman on the telescreen had started a new song. Her voice seemed to stick into his brain like jagged splinters of glass.

3. Tell me one thing you’ve blessed.

“For Hate Week. You know — the house-by-house fund. I’m treasurer for our block. We’re making an all-out effort — going to put on a tremendous show…”

4. Is April the cruelest? If not, please provide a replacement superlative.

Winston had stopped weeping, though the tears were still oozing out of his eyes. He looked up at O’Brien.

5. What is your spirit animal?

“Lackeys!” he said. “Now there’s a word I ain’t ‘eard since ever so long. Lackeys! That reg’lar takes me back, that does…”

6. Who is your spirit human?

The old man had on a decent dark suit and a black cloth cap pushed back from very white hair; his face was scarlet and his eyes were blue and full of tears. He reeked of gin.

7. Describe an experience with auto-correct on your phone or favorite search engine.

Anything could be true. The so-called laws of nature were nonsense. The law of gravity was nonsense. “If I wished,” O’Brien had said, “I could float off this floor like a soap bubble.”

8. What sponsor would you choose if you could have one?

A short a time ago as February, the Ministry of Plenty had issued a promise (a “categorical pledge” were the official words) that there would be no reduction of the chocolate ration during 1984.

9. Have you ever played a timpani?

The next day she reappeared. Her arm was out of the sling and she had a band of sticking plaster round her wrist. The relief of seeing her was so great that he could not resist staring directly at her for several seconds.

10. Who’s got the last laugh?

“You are the dead,” repeated the iron voice.

Chris Dusterhoff was born and raised outside of Baltimore, MD. He moved to Seattle in 2000 and began publishing poetry. As Spankstra Press, he has published chapbooks by Maged Zaher, Brian McGuigan, Harvey Goldner, David LaTerre and others. On a personal note, an ex-girlfriend once told him he was just like Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. He has since read the book and still doesn’t know if it was a compliment or not. But he guesses a modern-day Heathcliff wouldn’t, would he?


One thought on “Meet Your Breadline Feature: Chris Dusterhoff

  1. Beautiful interview, Chris and Greg. Glad you dragged my brother Winston in on the project. Winston was never the same after that rat interviewed him back in 84. I think this collaboration might be just the thing to bring him out of that brown study he’s been locked in these past 19 years. Great work, gentlemen! Now, if we can just get Winston well enough to resume his proof reading job at the Ministry of Hallucination, all may yet be well in the Sacred Realm of the Apsidistra.

    God save the Kink!

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