Videos from March Breadline

They all went down as part of the APRIL Small Press Expo.

We’re still here. We promise.

First of all, here’s proof that one of us is still alive anyway (it’s me, by the way):

02-24-13 - bem_portrait

And you can see that Jeremy is still existing right here on the Breadline twitter feed (@breadlinepoetry) that he has commandeered, and which I just discovered.

And as for Alex? Well, he just did a reading, so he must be okay.

So it’s been quite a crazy few weeks but Breadline is still alive. We don’t have a poster or a ton of specific information just yet for March, but here’s the deal: we’re filling in a slot for the Small Press Expo as part of the APRIL literary festival. The festival proper is going on from March 25th through the 30th. I recommend you check out the deal here as soon as you can so you can pen in the amazing events for in your calendar.

So you want to join the Breadline crew in March? Come to the micro Breadline on March 30th.

In other news, we’ll continue with the regularly scheduled monthly program at Vermillion starting back up in APRIL. Until then, stay-tuned for more interviews, recordings, and artwork. And if you have any questions, send us an email!