Google+ Hangout for January

Hey everyone, Greg Bem will be hosting a Google+ hangout for January (again). We’re not sure what it’s going to look like, but this time it’s going to be PUBLIC, which means you won’t need a link, but it also means it’s not going to be recorded like December’s was. Is this a good thing? We’re not sure! But it will be less chaotic! We think! Tonight, please do a search in Google+ for “Breadline January 2013 Google Hangout” and see if you can find us. We have yet to test the searching process, but don’t think it will be that difficult.

If you are still having issues, email Greg Bem at gregbem [at] gmail [dot] com and he’ll try and get back to you. Thanks, and cheers to innovation!

Edit: it will probably display an announcement on Greg Bem’s Google+ page when he starts the hangout. Head to his profile here tonight at 715pm.

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