Two Updates for Breadline #24!

1) Listen to the Ordinary Madness podcast here and get all the juicy details about how the holiday party’s going to go down. Features Greg Bem, Jeremy Springsteed, and Jason Conger of the Jason Conger Word Orchestra.

2) We’ve got bread incoming from Columbia City Bakery, as previously noted on the flier, but also just learned is we’re gettin’ loaves from the Essential Baking Company. ROCK ON, BAKERIES OF SEATTLE! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US! Please visit both bakeries on the web and in-person and enjoy their delicious offerings.

3) Bonus news: Amy Falcone did the wonderful flier this month, from all the way over in Connecticut. Ultra props go to her. Visit her blog here and see all her other neat art.

4) Bonus news #2: We’re going to try and start interviewing artists of the Breadline each month before the Breadline happens, so as to allow you insight into who we’re featuring, why we’re featuring them, and give you more incentive for visiting us online! Stay tune for that (assuming the world doesn’t end).

5) Bonus news #3: We will be featuring artwork from Anna Nash and Nico Vassilakis at the holiday party!


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