February 2012 Complete Videos Up!

Unfortunately the Slow Skate set was not recorded. Thanks, regardless, go out to Raanan David.

February 2012 Breadline’s Audio Now Up!

Introduction and Amy Billharz

Matt Gano

Roberto Carlos Ascalon

Alex Bleecker on Tara Hardy

Slow Skate

The Open Mic

The Open Mic List, hopefully in the correct order: DiJone, Alex Oh, Sarah Brickman, JP Kemmick, Laura Wachstar, Test Subject Number Two Zero Seven, Jesse Minkert, the Four Hoarse Men, Mario Lemast, Lena Garcia, Megan Castillo, Lucas McKinnin, Tara Lee, Scout MacKay.

And special thanks to Raanan David for recording, and here he is with his giant light:

A Big Breadline Thank You

Your kind Breadline hosts, Alex Bleecker, Jeremy Springsteed, and Greg Bem would like to throw three thank yous your way:

1. Thank you to everyone for coming out and keeping the series alive and strong.
2. Thank you to the great presentations and performances by Roberto Carlos Ascalon, Matt Gano, Amy Billharz, and the members of Slow Skate. Your diverse forms and styles of art once again gave renewed ideas to the Breadline environment.
3. Thank you to all who gave us donations in for poet, activist, and friend Tara Hardy. With your help, we managed to raise over $160.00 to give to Tara during her time of need.

As Breadline continues to provide a great artistic space for people of all types, we continue to learn about the community Breadline fosters. We look forward to seeing you next month, and be sure to stay connected to the blog for recordings from this month’s event.

Breadline Site Changed!

For anyone curious, you’ll notice that breadlinepoetry.wordpress.com now redirects to breadlinepoetry.com! It’s not a mistake–we bought the domain! Feel free to start going and linking directly to breadlinepoetry.com.