Videos from the January Breadline Now Available!

Part One: Alex Bleecker’s Introduction

Part Two: Nadine Maestas

Part Three: Maged Zaher

Part Four: Andy Prendergast

Part Five: Air Jackson

Part Six: The Open Mic

01/19/2012: Breadline Audio Featuring Nadine Maestas, Maged Zaher, Andy Prendergast, and Air Jackson

Alex Bleecker’s Introduction

Feature One: Nadine Maestas

Feature Two: Maged Zaher

Feature Three: Andy Prendergast

Feature Four: Air Jackson

The Open Mic

The open mic presenters are: Raanan David, Lena Garcia, Meredith Myre, Four Hoarse Men, Alex Oh, A Myrwold, Luicas McKimon, Paul Nelson, Maggie Castillo, Britana Salinas, Potentially Joe Milutis, Maria Winters, Tara Lee w/ Meredith Myre, Laura Elizabeth, and Laura Wachstar.

2012 Blog Updates

Greg here! I wanted to fill everyone in on the exciting changes coming your way via the Breadline’s blog, which you’re currently reading. After much discussion, the Breadline curators have decided to switch things up a bit, as per our one-year-anniversary and such.

We’ve decided to implement a new, more modern theme (which you’re looking at), purchase “” (to be implemented in February with the release of the March flier), start hosting all media through rather than my personal site,, and, finally, we have and will continue to add content to new pages. You’ll notice an About the Hosts page, which is almost completed (it’s lacking pictures of us, and Alex’s bio), a page for prospective features, and a directions page.

Granted, none of the changes are final, and there might be more surprises (for all of us) down the road, so please bear with us as we try to make your online Breadline experience the best it can be. On a final note, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can email me at gregbem (at) gmail (dot) com. Happy 2012, and thanks for continuing to make our series wonderful and alive.