Breadline #8 Recordings!


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Maria Winters

Part 3: Cristin Miller

Part 4: Elaina M. Ellis

Open Mic

Part 1: Jesse Minkert

Part 2: Roy Seitz

Part 3: Anis Gisele

Part 4: Rachel Witus

Part 5: Dani Levey

Part 6: Alex Bleecker

Part 7: Elyse Brownell

Part 8: Derek Fetters

Part 9: The Confessors

Part 10: Laura Wachs

Part 11: Fitton Green

Part 12: Sharri Zamone

Upcoming Performance Series

Greetings all you Breadline friends,

A couple members of our October featured band, Blvd. Park, are throwing together a new performance series in West Seattle. We are quite excited to hear about it. Here is a slightly-paraphrased description of what you can expect:

Brian Ballentine and Tekla Waterfield of Blvd Park are starting an open mic night at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle on September 7th.

What they aim to present is an opportunity for any and all artists/performers of all ages to showcase/rehearse/preview their artform in a welcoming and supportive environment.

They’re calling all singer/songwriters, poets, comedians, aspiring actors/actresses, puppateers etc to bring songs, instrumentation, poetry, comedy, monologues, etc to life in an intimate, fun, welcoming, encouraging, supportive setting.

It’ll be all ages between 7-9pm then 21+ until 11pm.