July Breadline Audio

Another smashing success at Breadline Performance Series. We had amazing stop-motion animations from Britta Johnson, a compelling father/daughter music combo known as the Rue (heard previously at the Breadline open mics), and of course our final feature, the Youth Speak Poets. The open mic saw fabulous returns and fabulous new presenters bridging music and poetry–exactly what we love. Thank you to everyone who came out, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in August! Video from the final feature and images will be posted soon.

Intro to Breadline and Britta Johnson by Greg Bem

The Rue with Intro by Alex Bleecker

Youth Speaks Poets (Troy and Gibson) with Intro by Alex Bleecker

Intro to the Open Mic by Jeremy Springsteed

Open Mic 01 – Ted Powers

Open Mic 02 – William James

Open mic 03 – Evan Peterson

Open Mic 04 – David Thornbrugh

Open Mic 05 – Isaiah Duncan Jackson

Open Mic 06 – Greg Bem

Open Mic 07 – Laura Wokstar! Confidential Social Club Extraordinaire

Open Mic 08 – Alan Wong

Open Mic 08 – Dick McManus

Open Mic 09 – Kelly

Open Mic 10 – Kim

Open Mic 11 – Geneer

Open Mic 12 – Thomas Adams

Open Mic 13 – Alex Bleecker (with Closing Remarks)