Shout Out in the Stranger

Paul Constant of the Stranger recently wrote a fine, fine review of the Seattle literary scene and what needs to happen. We were mentioned! Here is the clip:

Seattle is the biggest literary city in the United States aside from New York City, where the publishing industry was founded and will remain until it dies. From the explosive growth of to the revived, relocated Elliott Bay Book Company to all the feisty readings series around town (the Breadline at Vermillion, Cheap Wine & Poetry at Hugo House, the conceptual SPLAB on Beacon Hill), Seattle is a city of readers and writers.

Read the entire article here.

June Breadline: The Recordings

Thank to everyone for making the latest in the Breadline series an amazing event. We say this over and over, but it was definitely the most packed it has been, features Terra Leigh Bell and Gerrad Stockdale and Alex Curio and Morris Stegosaurus and Fiddleback were stellar. The open mic list, to put round everything out, was beyond impressive. Feel free to download the .mp3 files and keep them, share them, do what you will!

Download Introductions by Alex

The Features

Download Terra Leigh Bell

Download Gerrad Stockdale and Alex Curio

Download Morris Stegosaurus and Fiddleback

The Open Mic

Download the Open Mic Intro

Download Brianna Salinas

Download Trenton Thornley

Download Elyse Brownell

Download Larry Crist

Download Rachel Whitus

Download Tara Lee

Download Priscilla Long

Download Geri Gale

Download Alex Oh

Download Laura Wachstar

Download Cooper Smith

Download Evan Peterson

Download Dan Harmon

Download Barton Jackson

Download Derrick Fetters

Download Rachel and the Boar

Download Spawn of the Fugitive Naysayer, Southbound

Download Closing Remarks