Breadline 5: Audio Recordings

If you didn’t make it, or want to experience the most exciting Breadline yet (well, the audio part of it, anyway), worry not! The recordings for three of the four features, and all of the open mic, is below! If you would like a copy of the recording, email Media Mogul Greg Bem for download links! Thanks to everyone who came out, stayed through the difficulties in technology, and enjoyed what was one of the most multimedia performances we’ve seen go down at Vermillion.


Part 1: Scout McKay

Part 2: Thomas Walton

Part 3: Storybox Allstar

Open Mic 1: Gibson, Meredith Nelson, Jessica Stephens, Elyse Brownell

Open Mic 2: Joe Milutis, Chase & Rowena, David Nelson

Open Mic 3: Meredith M, Laura & Tony, Mike!

Open Mic 4: The Jason Conger Word Orchestra