Breadline #2 Recordings

Thanks to everyone who came out to the second Breadline event last night at Vermillion. It was truly marvelous seeing Vermillion as packed as the first round. A special thanks to Jarret Middleton, Cooper Smith, and Jack Remick, who were the featured performers, and who you can hear below. Additional thanks to Nico Vassilakis for supplying video poetry for us. And of course, thanks to everyone who participated in the open mic! Here is the list of who performed:

Priscilla Lang
Geri Gale
Greg Bem
Don Glover
Kristen Young
Dwight Peters
Alex oh Bleecker
Kori Linn
Piper Daniels
Anne Sweet
Jesse Lee
Elyse Brownell
Jim K
Summer Robinson
Matt L
Laura Wachs

Feature One: Novelist Jarret Middleton


Feature Two: Poet Jack Remick


Feature Three: Musician Cooper Smith


Open Mic Part One


Open Mic Part Two


Open Mic Part Three


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